October 2020 Newsletter


Important Information for any adults entering Baldonnel School. All adults must wear a face mask upon entering and while in the school. This is especially important for any volunteers. Thank you for understanding.

Reminder to parents. Entry to Baldonnel is available by appointment. Please do not come into the school when you drop your child off or when you are picking them up. You can phone into the school and we will send your child outside when you arrive, we can meet you at the door to accept anything that needs to be brought to your child. We are all doing our part to keep everyone safe.  We thank you for the parents that have offered volunteer services in our classroom or for the home reading program. We could not do it without you.

If your child is going to be absent please call or email the school to let Mrs. McDermott know, especially if they came in the morning and then left for an appointment. It is understandable to let your teacher know as many have been doing but Mrs. McDermott monitors attendance, fixes and changes and does the Safe Kid Check calls. Please call into the school or email her at baldonnel@prn.bc.ca

Important School Reminders:

*SCHOOL PICTURES ARE ON WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 21ST. Retakes will be November 17th. These dates are also on the school calendar.

*Thank you for paying school fees!! If you have not done so fees are now due. If you can’t pay right away please contact the school to make arrangements.

*Information has been sent to all emails about the new app called activity right. Parents need to login and give electronic permission in order for students to participate in activities.

Baldonnel is pleased to share that we have a parent online payment system now available at our school called ActivityRight. ActivityRight is an easy to use and secure way to give permission for your child’s participation in field trips and to pay for your child’s class trips or other fee items. Within the next few weeks, as parents/guardians of students in School District 60, you will receive a system generated email notification, inviting you to register with ActivityRight. There are two options to login. You can choose to sign up through the email notification by clicking on the “Sign up” button OR by going to ActivityRight at https://activityright.com/login to login through your Facebook, Google or Microsoft account. Payments can be made using Visa, Mastercard and American Express Credit Cards and VISA Debit and Mastercard Debit. As well, you can set up pre-authorized payments for fees due throughout the year. Please see your office staff for more information on this option. Please download a parent user guide from the school website or at this link: ActivityRight Parent Guide. For more information, contact Mrs. McDermott.


*With Winter approaching this is a reminder for children to come prepared for the weather conditions. Students will go outside and we are out even if the weather is cold. We have gone out at -20. Please have boots, scarves, mitts, hats, snow pants winter jackets for your child. This is required for all bus students as well. If the bus breaks down children must be warm while waiting for the new bus to arrive for example. It is always important to be prepared.

*Thank you for being diligent with the health checks and keeping children home when ill. We are all doing our part to keep safe.

*We raised 299.21 dollars for Terry Fox!! Thank you for helping to support this annual and important fund raiser. Terry Fox would be so grateful to see how children and schools have made a significant difference in cancer research.

*We will have a Halloween parade but for students only. Parents will not be able to participate with the costume parade this year. How it will work, one class at a time will move through the hallways and into the other classrooms walking through.  We can’t accept any homemade treats for any of the classes for Halloween parties this year.

Please feel free to call the school if you have any questions. You can call, or email baldonnel@prn.bc.ca or ctodd@prn.bc.ca

Thank you!

Christine Todd