• Pink Shirt – Anti Bully Day

    What an amazing school we have, so many of our students and staff participated in Pink Shirt – Anti Bully Day.

  • Indigenous Learning Journey

    Thank you Mrs. Bourgeios for the Indigenous Learning Journey.  You have taught us so many things today about items that were used in the past and some that are still being used today.

  • Gr. Cheese Orders for March 4

    All grilled cheese orders for Mar 4 are due by the end of the day tomorrow Feb. 24.  There was an error on the serving date, the order form says March 10 but it will be for Mar 4.

  • April Hot Lunch Orders

    April Hot Lunch orders are available for orders now through the Hot Lunch Program.
    All orders will need to be in by March 31, 2021.

  • Purdy’s Orders Due Soon

    We are quickly running out of time to place your Purdy’s chocolate orders.  All Orders need to be in by Mar. 5, 2021 to be back in time for Easter.
    An account has been set it up so you can order online.

  • PAC Pancake Breakfast

    Baldonnel students and staff would like to send a huge thank you to our PAC for the pancake breakfast.  This made our Valentines day celebrations even better.  🙂

  • PAC Pancake Breakfast

    A huge thank you to the ladies on the PAC for planning a pancake breakfast for the school tomorrow morning.  Mmmmm, can’t wait  🙂