We have just been informed by the Transportation Department that Mrs. Jan Jorven will only be doing “One Run” in the morning as well as after school. The start date for this change is Monday October 31st.

Students who currently travel on Mrs. Jorven’s bus will be affected in the following ways;

–       Picked up 15-25 minutes later in the morning (with the exception of one student)

–       Arrive at the school later in the morning, approximately 8:45am

–       Only one run after school, so all students will need to board the bus after end of the day dismissal

–       Arrive home after school approximately 10 minutes earlier

The school office has a list of individual student morning pick-up times. Please contact Mr. James or Ms. Phelan if you have questions.

Also, it is worth noting that if your child travels on Mrs. McEachern’s bus then he/she will not be affected by this change.