Roots of Empathy – Grade 5/6 class

Deanna and Baby Kalel joined the Grade 5/6 class for our third Family Visit of the Roots of Empathy Program. The theme of this visit was “Caring and Planning for Baby”. Students enjoyed connecting with our family and learned about advantages and disadvantages of cloth vs disposable diapers. We also got to watch Baby Kalel demonstrate his new skill of rolling from back to tummy!

Thank you Deanna for braving the cold weather to share Baby Kalel with us!

img_8698 Singing the “Hello Song” to Baby Kalel.img_8699 img_8713 From back …img_8715 … to front! img_8734 The foot finder is used to observe the                                                                                    baby’s reaction to locating his foot!img_8742 Deanna comforts Baby Kalel when he                                                                                 expresses unhappiness at being on his                                                                               tummy.

img_8750 Baby Kalel tries the infant roll for the first                                                                              time – this allows him to see the world                                                                                  from a new perspective!img_8763 Singing “If You’re Happy and You Know                                                                                It” to Baby Kalel.img_8780 A moment to connect during the                                                                                         “Goodbye Song”.