Baldonnel Bus Procedures (Dismissal)

In order to ensure that all students arrive home safely and on time; we would kindly ask that all parents follow the procedures outlined below:

–       If your child is NOT riding the bus home on a particular day then please do one of the following …

  • Call the office and let Mrs. McDermott know (before 2pm if you can)
  • Send a note to school with your child and have them show their teacher as well as Mrs. McDermott

Many times throughout each week we end up with the following scenarios:

–       “Can I call home, I don’t know if I’m suppose to take the bus or not?”

–       “I’m getting picked up today” (yet the office has no confirmation of this)

These scenarios always happen at the end of the day and this usually results in staff scrambling to figure things out. Moving forward, all bus students will be required to ride their designated bus home after school unless the office is notified as outlined above. Your cooperation in helping us avoid these scenarios in the future is much appreciated!